Renee's Academic Realm\Essay 3

A. The Electronic Text

B. The Notion of Literacy

C. Print vs. Online Literacy

D. Electronic Texts: implications for an Online Literacy

E. Re-defining Literacy


F) Conclusion

As argued earlier, the central problem of this electronic age for readers, writers and educators is the issue of literacy. In this essay, I have discussed the impact of electronic writing on literacy by looking at the dichotomy between print and online literacy, discussing the implications of electronic writing for a new online literacy, and finally attempting to re-define literacy with regards to this electronic age. The purpose of this essay has not only been to examine the impact of electronic text on literacy but more importantly, to address the problem of the negotiation of the meaning of literacy in the face of rapid technological changes in writing, and the implications for the readers, writers and educators of today and the future.


Some other problems related to E-space or E-writing:

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