Renee's Academic Realm\Essay 3

A. The Electronic Text

B. The Notion of Literacy

C. Print vs. Online Literacy

D. Electronic Texts: implications for an Online Literacy

E. Re-defining Literacy

F. Conclusion


Re-defining Literacy: a central problem in the electronic age for readers and writers

This essay is an attempt to negotiate the meaning of literacy with respect to this electronic age. Specifically, it deals with the impact of electronic texts on the notions of literacy, and how this translates into implications for the online readers and writers. Finally, a re-definition of the meaning of literacy suggests some implications for the writer of electronic texts as well as teachers or educators of literacy.

Here is an outline of what to expect:

  1. The Electronic Text
  2. The Notion of Literacy
  3. Print Literacy vs. Online Literacy
  4. Electronic Texts: implications for an Online Literacy for the Reader and the Writer
  5. Re-defining Literacy: implications for the Writer and Educator
  6. Conclusion

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