Renee's Academic Realm\Essay 3

B. The Notion of Literacy

C. Print vs. Online Literacy

D. Electronic Texts: implications for an Online Literacy

E. Re-defining Literacy

F. Conclusion


A) The Electronic Text

To put it simply, an electronic text is any kind of text one would expect to see online i.e. hypertext, the very unique characteristic of it being its ability to produce "a system without end or centre" (Barthes, in Tuman, 1992: 63) with hyperlinks. The reader reading a particular piece of hypertext would be taken on a 'journey' through a web of texts that are intricately linked, by clicking on parts of each page of text that would bring him to another page and another and another… The shifting hypertext, without a centre and limit, is in direct contrast to the linear print text. For more discussion of hypertext and print text, see Hypertext vs. Print Text: Any Difference?

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