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Proposal\Content\Aesthetics of Content

Accessible E-Ridge can be read or retrieved anytime, anywhere, as long as one has internet connection. It's like having information and entertainment at the touch of one's fingertips.

Archive past issues so that users can search for issues they have missed simply by using the search engine.

Link E-Ridge to NUS homepage, so that students will be able to access E-Ridge from NUS homepage.

Current Providing news and previews on future or upcoming events in NUS will ensure that the content is current. Updates on the latest happenings like a talk by a speaker, or a performance in the campus, etc will be attractive for the students.
Concise/Clear Have a shorter but more organised content page. Too much information squeezed into a single publication or page will not only confuse the reader but also distract them. (Click here for example.)

Students can retrieve personalised newsletter by allowing them to select what kind of content they are interested in e.g. News, Sports, etc. When they log onto the E-Ridge website with their unique user identity and password, they will only see what they have indicated they want to see. This feature will enable students to block out those sections of the newsletter which are irrelevant to them.

Interactive See Participation, Interactivity.

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