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Proposal\Content\Aesthetics of Design

Visually Stimulating Graphics, animations and video clips are good visual aids as they are not only create great visual impact with exciting colours and design, but also simple to use. For example, if there is a report on an interview with say, a celebrity, it would be interesting to the reader if they are able to also find a video clip on the interview.

Using colours and simple framing appropriately can improve the visual attractiveness tremendously, and the big plus point is, they do not take more than 2 seconds to load! (Click to see an example of E-Ridge, designed using only tables and colours.)

Banners and advertisements from sponsors or advertisers adds colour and variety to an otherwise monotonous publication.

Reader-Friendly Breaking up a big chunk of text into several pages with the use of hyperlinks helps to create a layout that's easy on the eyes, as readers now have more space to rest their eyes on. With this, pages that do not require scrolling can be created, thereby aiding the reader in surfing.

Provide navigation buttons on every page so that readers can find their way around with ease.

A site map helps to provide an overview of what's in this site, so readers will get a clear picture what they will be expecting.

A seach engine allows students to search for what they desire in the site. This provides so much convenience and thoughtfulness to the readers.

Multidirectional/ Balance of constraint and freedom External links to other related pages can create a sense of multidirectionality and variety and freedom for the readers. Readers would not feel restricted or bored by the limitations of just the internal links. For example, external links to NUS homepage, or even other student publications can be included in E-Ridge to make it more interesting for the readers. They will feel it more worthwhile to come to this site more often because they are able to access other useful and related sites at the same time too.

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