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Allow me to dwell deeper into this. A link can be both a possibility for choice as well as a constraint, depending on how a reader sees it, isn't it? A well-read person reading a piece of text would not have the same interpretation as a less well read person. The former would probably find the piece of text lacking or limiting because a lot of things that he had read about elsewhere that should have been included are not included. In contrast, the latter would be more oblivious to the inadequacy simply because he had not read enough to know what is lacking. This kind of interpretative ability of readers to make sense of texts is perhaps quite universal i.e. regardless of the kind of genre. And if this potential of a link being both a possibility as well as a constraint is a result of interpretation by the reader, this potential is not so unique for hypertext in this sense. After all, readers interpret all the time, be it for print text or hypertext. If readers can interpret hypertexts in that way, why can't they do the same for print texts?


One last thing I would like to raise is the aesthetics. Links can add aesthetics to texts because it allows many different things to be linked. From sounds to pictures to animations, there is nothing a link can't be linked to. Hence, if we were to transform a print text into an electronic one, the same text would definitely increase in its aesthetics value, not only in content but design as well. Under aesthetics of content, links make a text more interactive and clear. Under aesthetics of design, links allow colorful graphics and animations like movie clips to be linked to the main text, making it visually stimulating. Texts become more reader-friendly with the use of links to break lengthy chunks of text into several pages, allowing for more space to rest the eyes on. And of course, links provides a balance of freedom and constraint, as discussed earlier. This balance is part of aesthetics too.

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