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  • "The significance of links within a hypertextual environment is often underestimated; the textual points or nodes are taken as givens and the links are regarded simply as matters of preference or convenience. Their ease of use makes them appear to be merely shortcuts. They are seen as subservient to the important things: the information sources that they make available. Their speed in taking a user from one point to another makes the moment of transition too fleeting to be an object of reflection itself; the link-event becomes invisible." (Burbules)
  • Indeed, we are all too familiar with a link to pay any attention to it. More often than not, when we hyperread, we are so quick to click on a link that catches our attention and jump from one page to another, to another… We know what the result of our clicking will be: we will be 'transported' to a new page with, again, more links. To add on to Burbules' argument that hyperlinks are not neutral in their signification, I would like to also argue that readers get caught up in some kind of a 'link frenzy'. That is, they are often too preoccupied with looking for links to click to even pay attention to what's been read or what they are clicking, much less to be conscious of their actions. They would not probably recognize this preoccupation until they encounter a page where there are NO LINKS. "Oh my goodness," they would exclaim, "where are the links?"

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