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Website Analysis of - Summary of Main Features

First of all, clicking on the URL brings us to a cover page with a blue background and a very simple and plain logo of the company in the middle. It's not very attractive, in the usual sense of bright colours and animations, but it does have the ability to induce one to click on it. Perhaps it's the simplicity that arouses the curiosity.

There are 3 options being presented on the cover page: (1) to download flash, (2) to enter, and (3) to skip flash introduction. This ensures that no one is excluded from access, and also allows a lot of room of choice for the users.

  1. Download Flash
  • a new window will open, showing the homepage which one can download macromedia flash
  • users can go back to easily as the old window still remains
  1. Enter
  • Users will see a brief macromedia flash presentation (gives the idea that these people really know their stuff about web designing).
  • After this, users will be brought to the core page of the site, consisting of introduction of what the company is, what services they provide, their strengths (as a web hosting and design company), their clients, and how to contact them. All this information can be easily reached with the aid of simple, yet elegant navigational design found at the top right hand side.
  1. Skip Flash Intro
  • Users are brought straight to the site's core page. Excellent design for those users who has browsers which does not support flash, or who cannot be bothered to waste time on the presentation.

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