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Summary of Main Features of Site
















Website Analysis of - Analysis

(Note: The negative points are in red.)

  • Simple language targeted at potential clients.
Navigational Features
  • Front page has only 3 options, which makes choosing very simple and easy.
  • Core page has a clean and neat layout, with a consistent theme throughout. Effective navigational buttons can be found at the top right hand corner. Fits in with the theme of the site nicely.
  • Concise information.
  • Effective communication of corporate vision and image. The content specifies very clearly what the company is set for, and what it hopes to achieve.

And to show that they really mean business, they list the services they provide i.e. web hosting and web designing, with a price chart for the different services.

Core page takes some time to load.

  • Layout is neat, with a lot of space for the eyes to rest on. Makes surfing the site a pleasurable experience.
  • Good colour combinations. Different shades of blue are being used mainly, occasionally interspersed with yellow and white. Very pleasing and easy on the eyes.
  • Appropriate selection and use of animations and graphics that fits in together with the theme.
  • Pages are designed such that minimal scrolling is required. In fact, the front page and the core page doesn't require any scrolling at all.

Fonts are too small, although it is still legible.

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