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At that instant, he felt so embarrassed. He could feel his cheeks turning red hot, and he wanted to much to find a place to hide! He tried to open his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. And the more he tried to explain himself, the more panicky he got, and the more he stammered. Candy giggled again, for it was such a funny sight to behold. But she quickly stopped giggling, for she could see that he was already so embarrassed. So she tried to help him.

"I guess it's your habit to add an 'AND' when you speak, isn't it? Everyone has his or her own habits, and there's really no need for you to feel so embarrassed about this, isn't it? I have my funny habits too," she told him with a smile.

It was an instant relief to know that Candy did not mind his strange habit at all, and he really wondered what funny habits could such a pretty and kind-hearted girl have. But he was too polite to ask. So he just kept quiet and smiled, hoping that Candy would say something again. And she did. She asked him whether he would like to take a walk downtown. That was the start of their friendship.

They had been good friends ever since.

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