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He had been so engrossed with a book that he didn't noticed her starring hard at him. Finally, the girl spoke,

" Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but could you let me pass?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry! " he apologised, as he looked up from a big pile of books on the ground.

He quickly shifted all the books to one side to let the girl pass, and was about the return to his book when the girl turned back and gave him a smile. It was the sweetest and most charming smile he had ever seen before, and it really made his heart pound so hard that he could almost hear his own heartbeat! He wanted to know this girl, but before he could regain his composure, the girl had already walked away.

Disappointed, he sat down, packed up the books, and prepared to leave the library. But as fate would have it, he met the girl at the exit! Happily, he rushed forward to introduce himself.

"Err... hello, AND I'm so sorry about just now, AND my name is AND. AND may I know your name, please?" he blurted out quickly.

The girl starred harder at him this time, as if trying to make out what he was saying. Sensing the girl's puzzlement, he repeated himself again.

" AND sorry if I spoke too fast just now, AND I will try to speak slower. My name is AND, AND I would like you," he said, slower this time, with a smile.

This time round, the girl seemed to understand what he was trying to say, for she paused for a moment, and replied,

"Nice to meet you, AND. My name is Candy. " With a giggle, she added,

"It's so funny that you have to add an 'AND' to various parts of your speech. I almost couldn't make out what you were saying just now."


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