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Renee's Academic Realm\Proposal\Distribution

Students can receive personalised newsletter via email by setting up a system that allows them to select what kind of content they are interested in e.g. News, Sports, etc. When they log onto the E-Ridge website with their unique user identity and password, they can indicate their preferences and choose whether to have the personalised newsletter sent to them via email.

Greater ease of distribution is possible with an online newsletter like E-Ridge. Now, one doesn't have to worry about hiring people to distribute the newsletter, or finding strategic locations to place the newsletter. The Internet is one strategic location where every student will be able to access with their school account.

Wider readership can only be possible with E-Ridge. Not only can NUS students access it, non-NUS students who surfs onto the site will be able to read it too. And, with email, NUS students can easily send E-Ridge to others, simply by forwarding their personalised newsletter, or sending the url of E-Ridge to them if they find it interesting. This is a kind of free publicity for E-Ridge too.

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