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Renee's Academic Realm\Proposal\Advertising

Advertisements have the ability to add colour and variety to an otherwise boring page. With strategic choice of the type of advertisement and the postitioning, advertisements can attract students to come back more often.

Advertisements that are shrinked and hyperlinked to the advertisers' own website not only frees up more space on the page but also allow for more advertisements or other content to be included. At the same time, by hyperlinking the banners to the advertisers' own web, larger advertising space is indirectly created.

Advertisers are potential sponsors. With sponsors for E-Ridge, more could be offered and provided to the students, and at the same time, there will be greater publicity for E-Ridge if advertisers or sponsors provide links to E-Ridge on their websites. Of course, this would bring in income for E-Ridge that could be put to further use e.g. for publicity, etc.

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