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is for Never


Ode to My Loved One...

Never shall we say goodbye

Never shall we part

Do you remember the day we met

You were strolling in the park

  Never a single word we did utter

Never before, did we know each other

But as our eyes met one day in October

I knew we would be together, forever

Never had I to tell you how I feel

Never did you need to say "It's for real"

All along our relationship took a smooth sail

It's so easy, everything seems surreal

Never ever shall we part

Never let me leave your heart

Never forget to keep in touch

Even though we are now distances apart


(This piece is created on the 12th Feb, 2000 @ 3:30pm. Dedicated to all those who have been hurt before in love. May you find the courage to love!)

Copyright Renee's Realm. 2000.