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Renee's Academic Realm\ Me

Hi! You can call me Renee, but I am better known as Lee Peng or Liping by most people. I'm not that particular about names, anyway.

I am a graduate from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in The National University of Singapore. I specialised in English Language in my Honours year.

I enjoy travelling and being involved in new, interesting activities. Yet, I do take pleasure in the simplest things in life.

Here are some other details you might like to know:

Full Name: Tan Lee Peng

Other Schools Attended:

Some of the More Interesting Courses Completed:

  • EL3209 - Writing In Electronic Era
  • SC3211 - Science, Technology and Society
  • SC3209 - Data Analysis for Social Research
  • MS2312 - Basic Malay 2

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